Bison Burgers Con Bacon, Chile Y Guacamole

Bison (buffalo) burgers are a staple here in Colorado - grill on a smoky fire, don't rush the burger, and top it off with your favorites. Serves 4-6 -- Easy

4 eight-ounce Bison (buffalo) Patties
Tony’s Southwestern Steak Seasoning
8 slices Tony’s Pepper bacon
4 thick slices of Grafton Smoked Cheddar, or your favorite
4 roasted Pueblo green chilies
6 TBS guacamole
Tomato slices, lettuce leaves
Whole wheat buns, or your favorite rolls
Coarse mustard

Season bison or beef patties with Tony’s Southwestern Steak Seasoning, or your favorite blend. Grill over a low to medium direct flame - take your time, bison is best when cooked slowly.

Move patty away from direct heat, add cheese, close lid and finish slowly with indirect heat. Cook to 155-160 degrees. Toast the buns over direct heat.

Meanwhile, cut bacon slices in half and fry to taste.

Assemble in this order: Bottom bun, lettuce leaves, tomato, patty, green chile, bacon, guacamole, top bun.

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