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The Dark Knight Rises:10 Bat Wines

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Jim Jim The Down-Underdog, Hugh Hamilton Shiraz 2008, South Australia, Australia: Vintages Wine Panel: The name of this second-label Shiraz from Hugh Hamilton shares the trademark playfulness of his other wines – e.g., “The Villain,” “The Scoundrel,” and “Jekyll & Hyde” – albeit in a much more friendly fashion. This bright and playful Shiraz is named for the winery’s loyal dog, Jimmy. It’s full bodied, softly textured and ready to drink, sporting ripe black fruit and a touch of peppery spice. My note: Juicy purple and lip-smacking delicious! Full-bodied and generous. So smooth, it goes down quickly. Fantastic party wine. Drink: 2011-2014. 682005 14.50% D 750 mL  $15.95 Score: 88/100. February 19, 2011 Full Review
Dark Side Of The Moon Claymore Wines Shiraz 2009, Clare Valley, South Australia, Australia: Mint and blackberry on the nose, with a laser-like focus and cleanness on the palate similar to cabernet: well-structured and balanced, not flabby. Terrific winemaking here. Drink: 2011-2015. 72652 15% D 750 mL  $27.95 Score: 92/100. September 3, 2011 Full Review
Two Hands Wines Yesterday's Hero Grenache 2009, Barossa Valley, South Australia, Australia  9506 14.80% XD 750 mL  $31.95. September 17, 2010 Full Review
Cat Amongst The Pigeons Nine Lives Rosedale Wines Shiraz 2009, Barossa Valley, South Australia, Australia: Lip-smacking delicious with juicy purple and black plums that any cat would love. Full-bodied and ultra-smooth. Nice price. Drink: 2011-2015. 93138 14.50% D 750 mL  $17.95 Score: 89/100. November 12, 2011 Full Review
The Little Penguin Merlot 2010, South Eastern Australia, Australia: Tasty, full-bodied and smooth with juicy black plum notes. Nice price. Some black cherry on the finish. Drink: 2012-2014. 598912 13.50% D 750 mL  $10.95 Score: 85/100. June 22, 2012 Full Review
Wine Men Of Gotham Wineinc Shiraz Grenache 2008, South Australia, Australia: Rich and warm with a wrap-around-you comfort. Black fleshy ripe fruit with a comforting blanket of smoky oak. Terrific wine, especially for the money. Drink: 2012-2015. 269324 14.20% XD 750 mL  $14.95 Score: 88/100. April 14, 2012 Best Value Red Wine. Full Review
Mitolo Giacomo Sangiovese Rosé 2011, Mclaren Vale, South Australia, Australia: Vibrant with light strawberry notes on the nose then more acidity and body on the palate. Dry, crisp and food-friendly. Drink: 2011-2014. 278101 12.50% D 750 mL  $18.95 Score: 87/100. May 12, 2012 Full Review
Sandhill Winery Small Lots One Phantom Creek Vineyard Blend - Meritage 2008, V.Q.A., Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada: Mocha, espresso and smoke on the nose followed by fleshy dark plums and a lovely, full-bodied weight and smooth texture. Balanced, complex and elegant with a long finish. Great dinner party wine. Drink: 2012-2017. 186536 14.90% XD 750 mL  $36.95 Score: 92/100. August 4, 2012 Top Rated Red Wine. Full Review
Beringer Knight's Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2006, Knights Valley, Sonoma County, United States: Vintages Wine Panel: Grown in Sonoma County’s Knights Valley appellation, the concentrated grapes have produced sensual aromas of black plum purée, cocoa, blackcurrant, sweet cherry and cedar. Silky textured, the palate is loaded with sweet fruit and toasted oak flavors that are nicely offset by a lively acidity. It is full-bodied with a long, fruity and firm finish. My note: Elegant and balanced with a lot of finesse. Combines the best of Old World structure and New World fruit purity. Aromas of fleshy blackberries, plums and a wisp of smoky oak. Love it! This wine is part of the Vintages Essentials Collection. 352583 13% D 750 mL  $39.95 Score: 92/100. April 21, 2009 Full Review
Sequel Syrah 2005, Columbia Valley, Washington State, United States: Absolutely delicious! Mouth-wateringly juicy fruit with long layers of flavor on the palate. Aromas of dark plums and blackberries mingle with dark spices. Polished tannins keep the texture smooth. Winemaker is John Duval, formerly with Penfold’s Grange in Australia. Keep up the great work John! Drink: 2009-2016. 64428 14.50% D 750 mL  $75.00 Score: 92/100. July 4, 2009 Favorite Red Wine. Full Review

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