Tips for iPhone and iPod Touch

Installing the app on your iPhone or iPod Touch is easy and fast.

From your iPhone, click on the "App Store" icon, click on the "Search" button, type in the words "Nat Decants" (or "wine") and and hit enter. Click on the "Nat Decants" icon (mugshot with bottles, not the red letter N) and download.

From the web, go to the iTunes Store to download.

My app is compatible optimized for the operating system (OS) 3.1.2 and later. I suggest you update your iPhone with the latest OS if you don't have it, which is fast, easy and free to do here:

If you have an iPod Touch, you can also upgrade your OS quickly and at a relatively low cost ($4.99) here:

Then not only will my app work for you, but also many other new apps that have the same requirement. You also get new features related to both videos and music with this new OS.

Please post your review of the app on iTunes and let me know what you think!


P.S. If you want the web-based pairing widget to post on your blog, web site or social media page, such as Facebook, MySpace or iGoogle, click here.