Most memorable wine?
2001 Trius Grand Red - opened it earlier this year and it was approaching amazing status

What was your first wine?
Baby Duck like every other Canadian :)

What’s your most unusual wine experience?
Being in Milan, Italy with my sons mom. She was pregnant with Calvin and we ordered a liter of wine and a liter of water. The wine cost 6 euros and the water 8 euros. Wine probably vinted on premise and it was amazing.

Which wine do you love at the moment?
Peller Ice Cuvee Rose - could drink it every day if money and my liver were not factors

When I was just 3 years old, my father suffered a serious back injury. He endured many surgeries but in the end he could no longer withstand the pressures of daily work. But Dad never let his physical infirmity affect his mental ability. Even thought he couldn’t earn a living, he set out to make a contribution in whatever way he could. My father’s battle with cancer and eventual death made me decide to push Canadian Legacy Builder as far as it can go. Sitting with him in the hospital for last few months gave me a lot of time to think and soul search. I realized that I have many stories to share and I could start right at home with the development of Canadian Legacy Builder. My experience can simplify the planning process and help you leave the ideal legacy. When we uncover your financial dreams, we also uncover your ideal legacy.

As Andrew Peller once said, "It's the simple things in life that bring us the greatest joy." I believe that food and wine need each other and that it goes way beyond mere eating and drinking. I love playing in the kitchen and letting my creativity come out in the dishes I create. I am on a mission to pair food dishes with wine to enhance even the most ordinary dining experience.