Most memorable wine?
2009 St. Urban Riesling from Vineland Estate - the toast at my wedding!

What was your first wine?
Malivoire Lady Bug Rose, a favourite of my parents for many years.

What’s your most unusual wine experience?
Wine from the grocery tap in Italy! Wildly delicious and perhaps moreso because it felt adventurous and silly at the same time!

Which wine do you love at the moment?
Tawse Spark, a truly exceptional example of traditional sparkling wine in Niagara.

Allie Hughes is a freelance journalist who writes about wine and culinary tourism for a number of publications, regularly professing her love for the Niagara Region in which she lives. Find Allie working with clients of her consulting agency Hughes & Co. to conquer the world of social marketing, soaking up the local culture of her home and enjoying the vinous pleasures of Niagara vines.