Most memorable wine?
2004 Hillebrand Showcase Cabernet Sauvignon

What was your first wine?
Sable View Cabernet Sauvignon ... and also some terrible experiments in home wine making.

What’s your most unusual wine experience?
I keep an empty wine bottle as a rolling pin.

Which wine do you love at the moment?
I try A LOT of great Ontario wines but I always seem to come back to Henry of Pelham Sibling Rivalry White

You can hear me at 8:30 am Sunday Mornings on Newstalk 1010 am on the morning show with Ben Mercer where I talk about great Ontario wines.

I moved to Ontario in 2007 but have been a fan of Ontario wines before even moving here. I believe it's important to support local producers of food and drink. My wish is that one day you can get a wide selection of great Ontario wines anywhere in the country.