Dan Trcka

Most memorable wine?
Vila Regia Reserva 2002, Micheletti Guardione 2003 and Beronia Reserva 2005

What was your first wine?
The first wine that I decided to buy a case of and which in effect started my cellar, is Morelino Di Scansano La Doga 2004.

What’s your most unusual wine experience?
Well, the one I want to mention is taking the fantastic Jackson Triggs - Grand Reserve Meritage 2005 to a remote lake in Algonquin park and drinking it from crystal glass while watching the sunset over the lake.

Which wine do you love at the moment?
I only drink red wines, but I don't limit myself to any single variety, my cellar is a proof of that.

.....My name is Dan Trcka and personally/professionally I am a scientist/researcher. I work with a team of scientists trying to understand what makes stem cells – stem cells with the aim to one day being able to convert one’s cells into body’s deficient or damaged cells, thus restoring health.

.....I started drinking wine sometime before the year 2000 (my early 20’s) and just like most people of that age, I began with the 1.5 L household bargain wines. With the occasional ‘better bottle’ I quickly became intrigued with the complexity and the range of ‘tastes’ and wanted to know what makes good wine good. Due to my inquisitive nature, I began learning about oenology and viticulture by reading several books including a 926 page book titled WINE by Andre Domine (highly recommended). This knowledge, however, still left a gap in understanding what makes divine wine – divine. On one very memorable day, I was given a 54 scent Les-Nes-Du-Vin kit that allowed me to train my sense of smell and that has really gave me an understanding of what I look for in wine to make a bottle ‘that’ special one. Next thing I needed to do was to quantify what I thought about a particular wine and so I designed reviewing table allowing me to consistently rate one bottle after another. Armed, I set out on a search for excellent wines for sensible price, which I can place in my cellar.

.....As it usually goes, one likes to share new gained knowledge. Myself not being different, I started reviewing wines on Natalie MacLean’s site as well as others, ever improving my palate and reviews. More recently I started privately reviewing for wine agencies - focusing on wines that are not available at the LCBO. From this, www.GrapeSelections.com was born, satisfying the necessity for centralization.

.....At www.GrapeSelections.com, you can view specifics about what I do, my palate profile, how I review - you can download my reviewing table as well as bargain index table. This website is also a blog where I write about anything related to wine.

.....So check out


I hope you will enjoy it - CHEERS