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Julia The Foreign Affair Winery The Conspiracy Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Why This Wine: The Ripasso method is what creates this dry, fruity, full-bodied wine that awakens the palate to spicy fruits and cherries nurtured in just the right amount of oak. This wine is delicious with rich creamy dishes where its well-rounded structure flows in full harmony with those flavours.

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Heather Wall Segura Viudas Cava

Why This Wine: This bubbly is made with the Champagne method without the hefty price tag. Dry, rich, creamy mousse, lasting bubbles. Notes of biscuit, roasted nuts, white grapefruit, green apple and vanilla pair well with latkes.The fresh acidity and bubbles balance the greasiness of fried latkes...and the BEST latkes are fried!

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Deborah Wakefield Riesling 2011

Why This Wine: A crisp, clean and dry Riesling that not only cuts through the richness of the latkes but compliments their savoury/sweet flavour with each bite. Aromas of lime, lemon and other citrus fruits are a wonderful contrast to the dish.

Clare Valley, Australia

North Vancouver, Bc
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Rachelle Ricasoli Brolio Chianti Classico 2010

Why This Wine: This family-owned winery has noticeable oak intertwined with dark cherries, licorice and tobacco. It has gentle tannins and a beautiful, long finish. I like to add a little shaved Parmeggiano Reggiano on top of the latkes, while they are still hot, and this wine compliments the dish beautifully.

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Andrew Bernardo Joseph Cattin Hatschbourg Gewurztraminer 2010

Why This Wine: This vibrant white wine has terrific aromas of of white peach, spice and lychee, a great contrast to latkes. It also has remarkably refreshing acidity that's a great palate cleanser for the dish.

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