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Joe Churchill's Estates 2007

Why This Wine: This wine has a deep, saturated ruby color with flinty and chocolate aromas on the nose. What really grabs me is the taste of pepper, tobacco and cedar notes. I can just imagine this at the end of a great turkey dinner with some fruitcake to bring all of the characteristics of this wine together!

Douro, Portugal


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Pat Taylor Fladgate Late Bottled Vintage Port

Why This Wine: I love Taylor Fladgate Vintage Port! It's rich, not overly sweet, fruity and nutty. Slowly swirl it around in the mouth, and aromas rise into your sinuses, carrying dark berry notes and hints of hazelnuts. It fits with fruitcake like a hand into a fine kid glove.

Douro, Portugal

Toronto, Ontario
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Kristy Bench 1775 Late Harvest Cabernet Merlot 2011

Why This Wine: The Bench 1775 Late Harvest Cab Merlot with fruitcake just rings of Christmas. It warms the palate with full-bodied, luscious notes of spice, clove and cinnamon, while the fruity character - namely plum and ripe berries - mirrors the fruit in the dessert. It really is Christmas in a glass.

Okanagan Valley, BC, Canada

Toronto, Ontario
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Kristin Osborne Solaz Premium Sweet Sherry

Why This Wine: A lovely dessert wine on its own, or with fruitcake! This style of sherry brings together a terrific nutty flavour with the creamy, sweet, mouth-filling base. It's as though the wine was made for fruitcake.

Jerez, Spain

Ottawa, Ontario
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Tina Bottega Il Vino Dell'amore Moscato Sparkling

Why This Wine: The Petalo Il Vino dell'Amore sparkling wine is a perfect pairing with desert, especially strawberries, because it's light and has a flavourful effervescence that gives it a fun vibe with fruitcake. It's so contagious!

Veneto, Italy

Mississauga, Ontario

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