Hate Valentine’s Day? There’s a Wine for That Too

Exploding heartThis is one of a series of chats we had yesterday on the CBC drive-home shows across the country. I liked this one in particular with host Sue Smith of Homerun in Quebec because she has a great sense of humour.

Sue also wanted recommendations for those who hate Valentine’s Day … I was happy to oblige along with the food pairing suggestion of heart-shaped cookies that you break into small bits first with a hammer.

Now that we’ve launched the inventory of SAQ wines on the site, along with the LCBO, BC Liquor Stores and the first national database of wines and wine reviews, you can find the wine below, Kim Crawford Pinot Noir, no matter where you live and check how many bottles of this lovely red are in stock right now at the liquor stores closest to you.

Enjoy your version of Valentine’s Day — wine is so versatile.

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