This fall, cozy up to some great wine and cheese pairings

Photo: Dairy Farmers of Canada

As the seasons change so do our palates. It’s a perfect occasion to try some new wine and cheese pairings. This time of year dark fruity reds, think a Chilean Merlot, Minervois, or Corbières, are delicious with semi-soft Canadian cheeses that melt in the mouth. Try to avoid wines that are too tannic.

A great first course platter combines Mont St-Benoît, a sophisticated cheese with fresh hazelnut and butter flavours, Noyan, with it’s creamy-nutty flavour is easy to love and Comtomme, a medium cheese with hints of crab apple and pinapple. Try them all or mix and match with some of your favourite cheeses. It’s all about discovery and just as there are seemingly endless wines to try, the varieties of cheese and the flavours they offer are bountiful.

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