Having just returned from an unplanned six-week visit to my family home in Carmel, California, I find myself with a frighteningly short nine shopping days till Christmas! Thankfully, buying gifts for my wine-loving friends is much simpler than shopping for less laser-focused folks on my list.

Sharing a passion with someone makes gift selection a cinch. Here is my list of what I hope to find under our tree. It’s a safe bet that these would be welcome items for other wine lovers.

A wine book devoted to the search for bargain wines is “Unquenchable” by Natalie MacLean, a Canadian wine journalist. Ms. MacLean travels the globe in search of great wine values. Her book is divided into eight chapters, each focusing on one country and several wineries in that country.

She gives in-depth profiles of those wineries and the people she meets. From Australia to Germany to the Niagara Peninsula to South Africa to Sicily to Argentina to Portugal’s Douro Valley to Provence, the author visits legendary winemakers and their families and shares their stories in a conversational style.


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