Shirley-Ann George is the President and Founder of the Alliance of Canadian Wine Consumers — a grassroots, non-partisan, volunteer group of wine lovers whose goal is to change the provincial and federal laws so Canadians can purchase and ship wine from Canadian wineries in other provinces.

- What prompted you to found this group in 2010?

- Last 2 weeks: Bill C-311 has been passed in both the House of Commons and the Senate: tell us what that bill changes

- What’s the difference between in-person transportation of wine versus shipping it directly to a consumer?

- Is this law a hangover from Prohibition?

- Do the provincial laws interfere with this one?

- What do Canadian wine lovers need to do?

Another post on the Free My Grapes Bill C-311 gives more details including whom you can contact about this issue. We’ll have more reports and interviews as this issue unfolds.