Beef & Wine 2

If you ask me, way too many people will mark St. Patrick’s Day this Saturday by sudsing it up with green beer. The rest of us can take heart; there are other liquid alternatives out there guaranteed to brighten the day. Take “green” wine.

Oh, not so much green in color, although certain varietals in a certain light take on limey highlights. I’m talking “green” as in flavor profile: crisp, herbaceous, apple-y. Delicious.

These often-spunky wines will stand up to all the corned beef and cabbage, shepherd’s pie, fried fish, poached salmon and colcannon dished out over the weekend.

What fits the definition of green? Depends on whom you ask.

“When I think of ‘green’ wines, those that come to mind are zippy whites with herbal notes such as New Zealand sauvignon blanc, Italian verdicchio and Austrian gruner veltliner,” said Natalie MacLean, author and creator of a free online food and wine matching system (

“They all have enough mouthwatering acidity to stand up to traditional pub dishes,” she said.



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