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I taste hundreds of Moscato wines every month. These are the best value Moscatos I have reviewed recently: they offer terrific value for their taste and quality. These wine reviews are updated weekly.

Abbazia Moscato D'asti 2012
D.O.C.G., Piedmont, Italy
A delightful bubbly with sunny-ripe aromas and flavours of apricot, honeysuckle and peach. Terrific as an aperitif or after dinner with biscotti or fruit desserts given that it has a touch of clementine sweetness. I love a wine that's this low in alcohol yet so packed with flavour and character. Cheers! Moscato D'asti food pairings: soft cheeses, fresh fruit, fruit based desserts. Alcohol: 5.5%  Sweetness: Medium  750 ml  Smart Buy Wine  Price: $14.95 Score: 90/100

This Moscato D'asti was reviewed November 9, 2013 by Natalie MacLean

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Barefoot Cellars Bubbly Moscato Spumante
California, Usa
A delightful bubbly with aromas and flavours of ripe apricot and peach. The sweetness in this bubbly is offset by the refreshing bubbles for a delicious, zesty combination. Moscato Spumante food pairings: spicy foods, light desserts, fresh fruit. Alcohol: 8%  Sweetness: Sweet  750 ml  Price: $12.95 Score: 87/100

This Moscato Spumante was reviewed August 5, 2011 by Natalie MacLean

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Dante Rivetti Riveto Moscato D'asti 2005
D.O.C.G., Piedmont, Italy: Vc:
Moscato d’Asti is without question one of the perfect ‘Sunday Brunch’ wines. It is pleasantly fizzy, low in alcohol, delightfully sweet without ever being cloying. My note: A lovely, refreshing and sweet wine with aromas of melons. Dante Rivetti Riveto Moscato D'asti food pairings: spicy Asian food, grilled salmon, fresh fruit desserts. Alcohol: 5%  750 ml  Favorite Sparkling Wine  Price: $17.95 Score: 88/100

This Dante Rivetti Riveto Moscato D'asti was reviewed July 7, 2007 by Natalie MacLean

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Marchesi di Barolo Zagara Moscato D'asti
D.O.C.G., Piedmont, Italy
Vintages Wine Panel: One of the perfect late spring/early summer wines is Piedmont’s gently sparkling, slightly sweet, low-alcohol Moscato d’Asti. Perfect for those casual afternoon get-togethers on the backyard patio, especially when served with simple seafood nibbles or just-in-season strawberries. My Note: Every time I taste a Moscato, I fall in love. Orange zest, apple blossom and honeysuckle. Sweetness balanced with effervescence and acidity. Perfect after-dinner drink! Moscato D'asti food pairings: seafood nibbles, strawberries. Alcohol: 6%  750 ml  Best Value Sparkling Wine  Price: $15.95 Score: 90/100

This Moscato D'asti was reviewed June 12, 2010 by Natalie MacLean

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Ricossa Stefano Belbo Moscato D'asti 2009
D.O.C.G., Antica Casa, Piedmont, Italy
Vintages Wine Panel: Here’s the perfect wine for a summer afternoon. Ricossa’s frizzante Moscato d’Asti features fresh notions of orange zest and ripe melon. Its delicate sweetness is perfectly balanced by a seam of excellent, crisp acidity. A great patio sipper. It will also match to mildly spiced noodle dishes or, for a touch of flair, try it with a crushed strawberry or raspberry dropped into the glass. My note: Honeysuckle, tangerine zest and apricot preserves. Refreshing and a little sweet. Perfect summer sipper. Moscato D'asti food pairings: mildly spiced noodle dish. Alcohol: 13%  750 ml  Price: $14.95 Score: 87/100

This Moscato D'asti was reviewed August 7, 2010 by Natalie MacLean

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